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Transforming lives by healing allergies and sensitivities.

Every person is made up of energy. Everything is made of energy. Everything has a vibrational frequency that can interfere with the energy of any person. When your energy and the energy of a feeling or an item comes in contact, it can cause friction. That friction weakens you. This weakening can show as different symptoms for different people, but it most commonly shows up as an allergy/sensitivity or effects your emotional reactions.


Energy friction only happens when you come in contact with specific feelings or items that you have a problem with and is different for every person. I refer to these as your Kryptonite.   

Clearing your emotional kryptonite is like hitting your personal reset button. I clear the differing energies so they are harmonized and resonate at the same frequency. So when you feel that emotion or are exposed to your allergy/sensitivity in future, you are no longer sensitive to it. 

Clear the emotional block and watch panic attacks disappear. Handle relationship breakups, major illnesses and trauma with ease and grace. Process your work frustrations and challenges by refusing the rabbit hole of overwhelm and feeling possibility.

My Priority is Your Health

Your health is my priority – I promise to take the time to listen to your concerns and understand your goals so you can get back to tackling your day-to-day activities while feeling your absolute best! I ensure your treatment plan is totally custom to you through diagnostic testing, focusing on your specific kryptonite.

Love Your Life

Clear your allergies and rid yourself of skin problems, weight issues, asthma, digestive issues and more. Eat ice cream with your kids. Cut the lawn without a rash. Even make it through hayfever “season” without a sneeze. When you feel your best – anything is possible.

How it Works.

Using the Allergy Elimination Technique I am able to test for substances your body is sensitive or allergic to and identify which organs of the body are reacting to them. By using a painless non-invasive technique I can then restore those organs to normal function. You may then become free of the symptoms. 



Done virtually and over distance (while you go on with life) , this assessment involves me personally, with your permission, checking your emotional or allergy sensitivities. I use comprehensive diagnostic testing and analysis so you can uncover the hidden causes of why you feel the way you do! When complete, you will receive a full report of emotional or allergy/sensitivity challenges or weaknesses that are energetically wreaking havoc on your system at this moment. These often manifest in issues with gut health, acne, psoriasis, pain, inflammation or other major illnesses.


Results & Recommendations

Based on years of research and experience, I will make suggestions on what to clear first (although this is always your choice), picking what I call cornerstone allergies or emotions that often unlock and support others. You will be given access to your results through a link to your file on a cloud or by email. 


Clearing Session

After you have had a chance to review your results, schedule a clearing session online, and I will perform a distance clearing of your emotional or allergy/sensitivity kryptonite. I can clear one emotion or allergy/sensitivity per treatment!


Follow Up

Before the next scheduled treatment is sent, I will retest your previously treated sensitivity to ensure it has cleared or if we should repeat that treatment. Please note that while most emotional weaknesses or allergy sensitivities can be cleared in one session, some may require multiple treatments, or going deeper to completely resolve the root cause.


Clear Another… Then Another…

After you have paved the way to a new emotional pathway or freed yourself of a sensitivity or allergy, pick another and repeat the process as often as needed. Emotions and allergies are like layers in a cake – there are multiple!

Stop guessing and let’s create a treatment plan that is totally tailored to what your body needs.


Emotional Sensitivity Assessment


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  • Your initial emotional sensitivity testing includes common emotional triggers and sensitivities. From here we’ll discuss your action plan for healing.

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Plus HST (13%)

  • Virtual only, treatment packages to support multiple sensitivities are recommended.
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Plus HST (13%)

  • Virtual only, treatment packages to support multiple sensitivities are recommended.
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Check your kryptonite.

We’re all sensitive. When it gets in the way of living your best life, tho… it’s time to get over it.

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