Introducing Allergies Freed, freedom from food and life sensitivities.

Get accessible and personalised food and emotional sensitivity support and healing from the comfort of your own home.

Find Freedom from your personal Kryptonite.

Nobody deserves to suffer. Ever.
If you’ve been sneezing, wheezing, or generally feeling unease – let’s resolve that. Now. 

We all have kryptonite. 
Hay Fever. Allergies. Emotional Sensitivities. Our body reacts physically to anything it deems an invader.
You don’t have to live this way.

Do you have overwhelming feelings? panic attacks? Anxiety? Fear? Grief?
Do you continually feel unsuccessful or unworthy?
Does ice cream leave you feeling ill?
Gluten intolerant but craving fresh pasta?

What if hay fever could be healed and you could live without a sore, red nose during “allergy season”?
There are hundreds of allergies, sensitivities, emotions, feelings and triggers that we experience every single day. Any one of them can be your personal kryptonite. The one thing that’s holding you back from being more. More love. More joy. More passion. More gratitude. The thing that’s holding you back from clear skin, pain relief, weight loss. A life free of migraines and itchy, watery eyes.

What if, with a simple painless test, I could identify your personal triggers and clear them from your body? Nullify the resistance you feel and allow more of the good stuff into your life?

Clear YOUR personal kryptonite and create powerful changes inside and out!  
Live MORE. Love MORE. Be MORE. Be YOU.

I can.

Distance clearing of emotional or allergy-triggering energy that your body is holding onto and needs to let go of.

It’s simple. No Needles. No Medication. No Pain. No Problem.   Just Freedom.


Clear Your Kryptonite


Initial Food & Environmental Assessment


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Initial Emotional Triggers



Book an assessment on emotions that could be triggering your kryptonite.

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Treatments  Individual & Packages


Pay as your go on treatments or save on packages available.


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