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People Who Have Thier Control Back
Below are testimonials of those that have been helpes with AET. This will give you an idea of what is possible  & can be done. All it takes is a little faith & a phone call.
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Newspapers: I could not read the paper. Could not be anywhere near a newspaper or I would sneeze & get stuffed up. After my reversal I now can enjoy reading my newspaper again. Thanks~ G.B.
Flowers: The next time I was around flowers I had no Reation! ~ A.M
Chocolate: My husband had always been a chocoholic. After the treatments, he no longer cares if he has chocolate or not! ~ F.E
Sinus Problems: This is great! My sinus problems feel like they're behind me now! ~G.P.

Metals: These allergy treatments really work! I've been allergic to metal for years, so much that I had to avoid touching even the small rivets you find in blue jeans, as they make my skin break out in rashes. After getting the treatment for metals, I can now wear jeans without worrying about the rivets! its a tremendous relief to me to now have this handled. ~C.L.
Weight: Before I started I felt bloated everytime I ate. I would eat very little and still gain weight. Since I've been on the program. I've felt lighter and lost inches!
Yeast: My small daughter had yeast problems so bad she was bleeding. After a few reversals she no longer suffers from this and we don't have to carry creams to help with the pain. Thank you for making her life more livable! ~ L.S.
Pollen: I had a lot of problems, especially pollen for many years. I would have to stay inside the house close to my air cleaner for all the pollen season. This is the first year that I am free from all of that and I feel great! Thank you! ~J.H
Cold Sores: I got frequent cold sores. Then I came one day when I had a cold sore. After the treatment the tingling and pain was gone. The sore disappeared and I have not had one since. Thank you! ~ R.B.

ADD: My grandson had great troubles with behavour issues with the school. I brought him for reversals. After only 4 reversals he was a different person. I now don't have phone calls from the school for his behavour. Thanks for giving him a chance to succeed. ~ K.B
Hives: My 3 year old was getting hives every day all over his body. We had no idea why. You tested him & discovered he had an allergy to grass. After treating him to grass he has not gotten hives since! That's incredible! B.Z.
Grass: No more grass allergies. Golfing is a joy now! T.P
Dog: I am amazed with the results. I have been around so many dogs and not a single sign of an allergy. I can't thank you enough! M.F
Motion Sickness: After receiving treatment from you, I am no longer sick when I travel. Not only am I not sick, I don't even feel the least bit uncomfortable or anything other than normal. You also helped my daughter too. She can even read on a 2 hour bus ride. She could never do that before. Thanks again! S.G.
Thyroid: My thyroid problems have changes. Due to your treatments my thyroid is working again. Things are fixed and my nails that were always cracked and weren't smooth, now are smooth and growing.  S.V.
Stomach Pain: My daughter had been having stomach pains after eating for the past year. Our MD was unable to determine the cause and as a result her appetite continued to be poor. my daughter noticed immediately that her stomach pain was gone! L.M.H 
Allergy Pill Dependancy: 13 years of taking daily allergy polls + 1 visit to Lisa = 6 months(so far) NO allergy pills and symptom free. Thank you so much! K.B
Nasal Congestion: My son had been suffering for the past 3 yars and we were unable to get rid of it. After one treatment, the symptoms were gone! My son was so happy that he couldbreath freely again! L.M.H
Energy: I continue to feel better & better. I have more energy because of the treatments. I use to stay in bed until 10 or 11, now I am getting up at 7am. Lisa has brought me out of the dull drums and made me back into the person I use to be five years ago. I thank you very much for bringing me back to life. S.V
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