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T-Zone Vibration Technology

T-Zone Vibration Machine has the following benifites for adults:
Increase muscle strenght
Tone and firm muscles
Build bone mass density, alleviate osteoporosis
Improve flexibility
Improve circulation
Increase metabolism
Stimulate lymphatic system
Decrease cellulite
Assist with back pain
Assist in fibromyalgia
Reduce incontinence
Assist in weight loss
Relieve pain
Improve mobility
Improve balance
Increase serotonin
Enhance collagen
Decrease cortisol
Improve coordination
Health Canada Licenced machines as designation " Class 2 Medical Device"
All or a portion of the cost of this machine may be covered by your insurance if your doctor perscribes this for you. Please check with your doctor and insurance provider.
For Further information:
Educate & Test
Please call to make an appointment to have me fully explain how this machine works. I will show you what you can do & let you try it for yourself. You are under no obligations.
I believe that you should be fully comfortable with your decision to purchase a T-Zone machine. I will do everything I can to help you feel knowledgeable and comfortable with the T-Zone vibration technology.
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