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What Is An Allergy?
   Allergic response refers to immune system reactions, ranging from extreme allergies to minor sensitivities. In people with allergies or sensitivities, the substance to which they react are viewed by the immune system as a threat to the body's well-being.
   When this condition occurs the nerve channels of the body react improperly and cause physical symptoms. Reactions can come in many forms such as: runny nose, headache, fatigue, stomach problems, indigestion, asthma, chronic coughing, attention or behavioral problems, skin irritations, weight problems or countless other possibilities.            

AET - How does it work?
   Using the Allergy Elimination Technique (AET) we are able to test substances your body is allergic to and identify which organs of the body are reacting to them.
   By using a painless non-invasive techique we can then restore those organs to normal function. You may then become free of the symptoms.
Allergy Elimination
   The Allergy Elimination Technique was developed by doctors and until its discovery, people either avoided certain things or went on complex programs of allergy shots lasting years simply to get relief.
   The purpose of Allergy Elimination is to desensitize someone to these items so that they no longer react to them. Many common health conditions can merely be a symptom of underlying allergies. Once discovered and treated, many symptoms may disappear.

How Easy Is It To Do?

   For most people allergic symptoms can be greatly diminished or eliminated within a matter of weeks. Each office visit takes 30 to 60 minutes.
   It was discovered that many people are allergic to basic items needed for body function and structure. Some of these things are: eggs, milk, fruits, vitamins, minerals, sugars, grains, nuts, fats and meats. After these items are handled other items can be tested and treated. These treatments are not painful and no shots or medications are used.
How To Get Treatment
   Allergy Elimination appointments are scheduled as your time allows. Each item discovered is handled one at a time in a specific sequence.
   We then re-test to ensure that the treatment was successful. In most cases one session is all it takes to eliminate an allergy.
   Individuals that are highly sensitive and allergic to many things may sometimes require additional treatments to fully eliminate the allergic reaction.
Common Allergens
   *Inhalants: pollens, flowers, perfume, dust, paint, etc.
   *Ingest-ants: foods, drinks, vitamins, drugs, food additives & colors, etc.
   *Contactants: Chemicals, cosmetics, fabrics, anything you touch.

   *Injectants: insect bites, stings, injectables drugs, immunizations, etc.
    *Infectants: viruses, bacteria, etc.

    * Physical Agents: heat, cold, humidity, dampness, fog, wind, dryness, sunlight, sound, barometric pressure, etc.

    * Molds & Fungi: molds, yeast, candida, parasites, etc.
What Causes Allergies ?
   *Heredity: inherited from parents, etc.

    *Toxins: from various sources. Toxins are caused from unsuitable energies between you and the energies of substances like foods, chemicals, environment, etc.

    * Stresses: Immune systems get lowered from extra stresses, like physical injury, serious illness, etc. When this happens the body weakens and over reacts to other energies.

    *Deficiency & Mal-absorption Disorders: These produce abnormal enzymes that can lead to abnormal functions in our bodies. Such as poor digestion, hormonal disorders, abnormal thyroid function, causing anaphylaxis, etc.

    * Overexposure: To things for an extended period of time. Such as things you work with, eat or are exposed to on a continual basis.  

No Drugs
Allergy Elimination Technique

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